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Random Alchemy

An experimental game prototype combining Merge, Clicker and Idle genres with a small narrative layer. Initiated as a premium end product in mind, earned and well-balanced power-ups to allow players to progress through the game.

Besides building the game from scratch, tried my hands on some volumetric 3D modelling with toon shading.

A very satisfying project made with Construct 3 and Unity.

Crossword Story

Crossword Story combines literature and word puzzles like never before. It is the fiction and crossword section of your favourite magazine combined. It’s a beautiful experience for people who like to read and people who like to play word games.

The basic premise for all the word games is simple – read the text, build context, find the missing word/term. The game consists of 3 game mechanics and 50+ levels.

Personal Note – This project is the best representation of the diverse set of skills I have. Everything in this project has been worked upon solely by me including the design, coding, writing, game design and distribution. Built over a period of 3 months from scratch, the project aims to be a premium experience marrying gaming and literature.

Box Office Simulator

You love movies. Always have, always will. You wanted a job that brought you as close to movies as possible so you start working at the local theatre. However, working at the ticket counter is harder than you ever imagined. Bigger rewards await if you can prove your efficiency, but will you be able to?

Personal Note – Made the game in Construct, playable on web. This demo was made over a period of 6 months. Poured my heart into it but couldn’t crack the balance in terms of complexity and fun elements. A project I would like to pick up sometime again with better art and gameplay elements. Still proud of the puzzles and humour that went the game.

Day at the Counter

Welcome to Day at the counter. A game not about making food, or eating it, or slashing it but a game about taking orders. For food. Your uncle runs the most popular burger joint in the town called ‘Burgers & Fries”. The rush at the joint is unbelievable. People order food, and they do it fast. Your uncle has asked for your help for a day. Will you help him out?

Carefully listen to the orders, select the right items on your Point of Sale (PoS) system and do it within 30 seconds. One wrong order and game over.

Personal note – Always wanted to make a game and kept on picking up one engine after the other. Finally gave myself 15 days to learn a new Engine (Godot), language (Godotscript) and build something playable. One of my most satisfying experiences so far.


5 Words

5 Words app helps you in improving your vocabulary. The app sends you 5 new words to learn everyday. Learn new words, learn and improve your English today.

Remember….whenever you asked someone the best method to improve your vocabulary, what did they tell you? Learn 5 words a day. 5 words app send you 5 new words everyday with translation in multiple languages so that you can easily learn the new words.

– 5 new words hand-picked daily
– Get daily reminders.
– Translation in Chinese, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic to help you grasp the words more easily.
– Make donations for free by using the app daily and help feed poor children.
– Beautiful page flipping interface.

Everyday when you learn new words, you help feed a kid too. It’s simple, you view the sponsor’s message and a part of the money from sponsorship goes to donation.

Personal Note – My first app launch, my first project that actually received traction. The app made it to the front page of Hackernews generating hundreds of downloads within hours. The feeling of opening up my GA dashboard and watching users in realtime from countries I didn’t even know existed remains unmatched till date. Ran the app for a couple of months before moving over to more startup oriented action.

Kegel Coach

An independent Watch OS app, Kegel Coach brings you the best on-the- go Kegel experience on your watch. The beautiful app is packed with features to help you do and track Kegel exercises anywhere, anytime without taking out your phone.

Personal note – First paid product launch and also my first on Product Hunt. Made this as I started learning Swift and got my first Mac. The only validity that I wanted was that I could make an iOS ecosystem app that was good enough to be on the store. That followed by hoping that at least 10 people would buy it. Having shipped hundreds of copies for this one, this made me believe I could actually code and build products an audience would pay for.

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